Halloween Poems

Here are two examples of our spooky Halloween poems:

  Little Vampire - to Ruby

Bim bam boom, is that the sound of the vacuum?
No it's just Veronica, my sister, she's in the bathroom

She's trying to look for her snack,
But be careful she might attack

She might give you a fright,
She might also bite,
If you open up that door,
You might see Veronica a little more.

I never told you this,
but you're her snack.
I'm sorry Ruby,
But it was a trap.

By Ima

Halloween Night

When it is Halloween night,
I look at all the spooky sights.
Killer clowns and witches too,
Ghosts that come out and say boo.

Smelly black cats with their green eyes,
I scream and hysterically shout bye.
Desperate children look for sweets,
I throw them and say "take all you can eat!"

That's the end of my poem.
Goodbye and quickly go home. 

By Michaela 


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