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Green Halloween

Over the past few weeks, we have been preparing our costumes for green Halloween. This meant that our costumes had to be made from recycled materials as Scoil Mhuire is a green school. We had great fun making these costumes in school, and would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped us at home. The fashion show took place on Thursday 26/10/17 and it was a huge success. Check out some of our pictures of us preparing our projects and also some of the finished products. Have a spooktacular and safe Halloween mid-term everybody!

Halloween Poems

Here are two examples of our spooky Halloween poems:

Little Vampire - to Ruby
Bim bam boom, is that the sound of the vacuum? No it's just Veronica, my sister, she's in the bathroom
She's trying to look for her snack, But be careful she might attack
She might give you a fright, She might also bite, If you open up that door, You might see Veronica a little more.
I never told you this, but you're her snack. I'm sorry Ruby, But it was a trap.
By Ima

Halloween Night
When it is Halloween night, I look at all the spooky sights. Killer clowns and witches too, Ghosts that come out and say boo.
Smelly black cats with their green eyes, I scream and hysterically shout bye. Desperate children look for sweets, I throw them and say "take all you can eat!"
That's the end of my poem. Goodbye and quickly go home. 
By Michaela 

Maths Week 2017

Maths week 2017 took place from October 14th to 22nd. During the week we had lots of fun. We went to the PE hall on Wednesday to a maths fair where we played games such as hopscotch and we also practiced coding. On Thursday we went on a maths trail around our school and on Friday we had a table quiz in our classroom. Have a look at our photos to see more of our work from maths week. These include our Kandinsky circles. If anybody really enjoyed the coding mouse game played at the maths fair they can check out these online games:

Viking Projects

During the month of September we learnt a lot about the Vikings. This was not a completely new topic to us and very quickly we were ready to prepare and present projects about the Vikings. We worked on these projects in groups and some of us even made tools and weapons to present with them!


Welcome to Room 15's class blog. Here you will find some of the fun activities we are doing throughout the year. The girls will share their news and things they have been working on and there will also be links to games and activities based on the topics that we are learning about.September began for our school with Lucky to be Me fortnight, and we think our art display below shows how unique we all are, but also how together we are even more magnificent and colourful.

School Walk 2017

We went on our school walk on Friday 06/10/17. We walked all around Corkagh Park and stopped to have lunch by the lakes. The weather was dry and the sun even came out from behind the clouds once or twice!