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Snowstorm in a jar

Fourth class had a lot of fun making snowstorms in jars this week. We learnt how oil and water do not usually mix but when you add an ingredient such as Alka Seltzers, which contain baking soda and acid, the force will make the two liquids mix for a few seconds. This created a snowstorm effect! Have a look at some of our pictures from this experiment:

Pouring our glittery 'white water' into our oil.


Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful...

..But our art is so delightful! Have a look at some of our Winter/Christmas themed art.

These funky reindeer were fun to make. We experimented with lots of different patterns.

We had to experiment with mixing many different shades of blue to make these Winter landscape scenes!

We have been exploring materials and their properties in science and therefore thought it would be a good idea to use various different fabrics to make our penguins. 

Making sure each paper strip was only 1cm wide when making these Christmas trees was quite hard!

Toys - Then and Now

Fourth class have really been getting into the spirit of Christmas, and have been comparing and contrasting toys from the past to the toys we play with today. We also watched clips of old episodes of the Late Late Toy Show and compared these to this year's Toy Show. Here we are playing with some older toys.

Golden Boot Winners!

Fourth class have won the Golden Boot for taking the most steps in the school this week! Our favourite way to keep active here in Room 15 is to dance along to Just Dance videos on YouTube. We also like getting active homework, such as to dance along to our favourite song. We are very proud of ourselves.