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Making pizza rolls

Today we made pizza rolls to finish off our Italy theme which we have been working on as part of the Blue Star S.E.S.E programme. We wrote out the method and materials needed in our copies using procedural writing. We then went to the staff room to make our pizza rolls. They were delicious!

Clay creations - Seachtain na Gaeilge

During Seachtain na Gaeilge, each class decided to use an Irish artist as inspiration for their artwork.
We chose the work of Annie Robinson. Annie was born in Belfast and spent much of her childhood travelling the Irish countryside. These memories became inspiration for her art later on in her life. Her work is a celebration of rural Irish life using bright, vivid colours. Here is the piece we chose as inspiration: 

We drew our own flowers on small pieces of paper and then recreated these in clay to make clay tiles. 

Here we are working on our clay tiles:

Here are some of our clay tiles before they set and we painted them:

Here are some examples of the finished products: 

More Blue Star SESE

A couple of months ago we wrote a blog post explaining that we are taking part in the Blue Star SESE programme. If you want to read more about this have a look at our previous post. :-)
We have now taken things a step further and have chosen one country to explore in depth. The country we chose is Italy. 

Here we are getting into the mind of Michelangelo by lying on our backs under our tables with our pages stuck to the bottoms of our tables to do our art, just like he lay on his back to paint the Sistine Chapel:

We also learnt all about Mount Vesuvius. We then did a volcano experiment. We wrote out the materials and apparatus needed along with the method. We are experts at this as we have spent the last couple of weeks working on procedural writing. Have a look at some pictures of the experiment here: