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What a year!

Our zoo trip. We had so much fun! 

We had an un-beelievable year here in Room 15. Thanks to all the parents and guardians for your support. Have a wonderful summer everyone!

CD printing

Did you know that you can make floral-themed artwork using old CDs? We mixed shades of red and pink and painted these colours onto the CD. We then printed the CD onto our black card. We cut out leaf shapes from card, dipped this in green paint and printed this onto the black card too. We used our fingers and paintbrushes to add stems to our pieces. 


A huge thank you to Nabila and Adiba who prepared an amazing project all about Ramandan this week. We have learnt so much and really enjoyed their presentation. It is so nice to see the similarities between Islam and Christianity. We loved seeing our names being spelt in Arabic and found it fascinating to see books written from right to left. We even tried some dates as the girls taught us that if you are going to break your fast the first thing it should be with is a date. Well done girls!