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Grandparents' Day

This week is Catholic Schools Week. This year's theme is 'a family of families'. As part of Catholic Schools Week we invited our grandparents into the classroom. We wrote acrostic poems for them, drew them, made a list of the things they have taught us, sang them a song and surveyed them on what their lives were like growing up. We also enjoyed showing them around our classroom and showing them our brilliant work. A huge thank you to the grandparents who were able to make it in! Here's some photographs, we had a lovely day:

'The Dot' by Peter Reynolds

Recently, fourth class read the story of 'The Dot' by Peter Reynolds.
***SPOILER ALERT*** This story is about a young girl, Vashti, who thinks she can't draw. Her teacher tells her to "make a mark and see where it takes you". Vashti does this, and soon the dot she has made on her page develops and develops and develops until Vashti has made many masterpieces that are showcased at her school art show!

In fourth class we were shocked when teacher's only instruction to us for our art was to make a black dot on our page. After that we could do anything we liked! We made the solar system, flowers, numbers, people, abstract art, and much more. Have a look at some of our very own masterpieces.

Library Visits

We have really been enjoying visiting Clondalkin library each month. We have been taking out books and returning them at our next visit.

Planting Herbs

4th class have planted some herbs to brighten up the classroom after taking our Christmas decorations down. The herbs we chose from were parsley, mint, chives and coriander. Here are some pictures. We will keep you updated on the growth of our herbs and how we are looking after them.